Cheap & Plastique have been busily prepping for the Fountain Art Fair at Art Basel Miami over the past month. This past weekend Cheap & Plastique presented 4 artistes at Fountain (who were featured in Issue 8 of the magazine) and also had a brand spanking new issue on hand for Fountain-goers to peruse!

Everybody wants a copy of Cheap & Plastique in their Christmas sock! ORDER issue 9 today!

PAYPAL me (plastiqueinc@yahoo.com) and you will receive one of these beautiful zineroos in your mailbox! Zine is $10, shipping $5. Printed on various fancy papers (silver and vellum—tres chic!), zine is 60 pages.

This issue features:
Paintings by John Jurayj, Andy Denzler, Elias Necol Melad, and Amanda Joy Calobrisi
Photographs by Ed Panar and Nicolas Wollnik
Video Art by Charles Roberts
Illustration by Zoran Pungercar
And studio features on Bongout from Berlin and NoBrow from London

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