Fellow NYer and man about town Jonathan Toubin was injured in a freak accident in Portland yesterday. Details about the accident can be found on the katu news website here.

Jonathan has never been anything but nice and helpful to me since I moved to NYC 7 years ago. He is an extremely sweet man, everyone who knows him would say the same thing.
He is continually trying to make all around him have a fantastic time and is the king of
the good vibe; providing a soundtrack to dance to many nights a week, hosting dance competitions and sunny rock n roll getaways, and always has words of encouragement for friends and acquaintances regarding their own projects.

Please send positive thoughts and help Jonathan however you can in his time of need.

A paypal account has been started to raise money for for his recovery. You can paypal funds of love and words of support to ihearttoubin@gmail.com. This will be the most direct source to helping Jonathan and his family. (This is direct to Jonathan’s acct and was set up by his agent Michelle Cable. For any questions or concerns and to help fundraising please contact Michelle and Panache agent Peter on rockfortoubin@gmail.com.)

Please visit the new i heart jt site for updates on Jonathan & benefit events here.


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