Lascivious, works by Heather Morgan at Dacia Gallery
Opening Reception tonight from 6 PM — 10 PM.
Artist Talk and Intro at 7:30 PM.

From Dacia’s website:
Dacia Gallery is pleased to present Lascivious an exhibition of new works by Heather Morgan, a figurative painter whose sultry and damaged women cavort unrestrained through opulent settings with commanding self-possession. Here are lingerie and stockings galore. But these are no playthings. These women are performing their identities, and it is a tense and fevered display, aching with self-consciousness. Vivid and theatrical as these images are, the viewer is thrust into discomfiting intimacy with these defiant vixens. These works invite the viewer to look and to covet, presenting an alluring world that is also potent and seething. Beauty quivers with pain and flaw in the distorted, luminous subjects that populate Morgan’s paintings. The figures stretch out louche before the viewer and bravely offer themselves with a conflicting, penetrating gaze. These unflinching yet vulnerable pastel heroines become all the more unknowable, as they reveal themselves in their fractured splendor.

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