Here Is Always Somewhere Else: The Disappearance of Bas Jan Ader

Searching: Bas Jan Ader, Arianna Carossa & Mie Olise
September 6 — October 6, 2012, Opening: Thursday, September 6, 6—8PM
at Mixed Greens, Chelsea. More information here.

Installation views, Mie Olise paintings, photos by Etienne Frossard

From the Mixed Greens website:
Mixed Greens is thrilled to present Searching, a group exhibition focusing on the work of Bas Jan Ader, Arianna Carossa, and Mie Olise. All three artists explore formal and conceptual ghosts, romanticism, and myth. Through open-ended narratives and juxtapositions, their work comes to represent an artist’s timeless search for connection and communication.

It is often said that a sailor’s boat becomes an extension of himself. In Searching, the artists use the horizon, the ocean, and the vessel as stand-ins for their own quests for meaning. Their work is an extension of their personal histories and research. All three are searching for something that is more easily felt than named, and the process of searching is far more important than any one object of the search.

Artist’s websites:
Bas Jan Ader
Arianna Carossa
Mie Olise

Some photographs from a studio visit I did with Mie a couple of years ago when her studio was in Bushwick/Williamsburg.


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