I cannot tell you how glad I am that summer is (mostly) over! The heat and humidity seems to be getting worse and worse every year, especially here in NYC. Next summer I hope to be either in Siberia or on a houseboat docked in the northern most part of the North Sea.

Now that it is September again there are cultural offerings aplenty (which I am very grateful for) after a very bleak summer—bleak for one who does not really list ‘going to the beach’ as a top priority. For me, September means a plethora of art shows to see, galleries open on a schedule that works for those who actually have jobs, lectures at the universities about town, glorious fall weather where one can delight in wearing layers (tights, tall boots, & little sweaters—Hurrah!), many walks over crisp fallen leaves, and also no need to worry about makeup melt-y face after a 15 minute bike ride! All very exciting, indeed!

Excited for these shows and openings:::

Chris Johanson: Windows at Mitchell-Innes & Nash
Opening tonight, 6—8 PM. Info here.

Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe: Stray Light Grey at Marlborough Chelsea
Opening tonight, 6—10 PM. More info here.

Paper Magazine preview here.

& last but not least:
Thomas Hirschhorn: Concordia, Concordia at Gladstone Gallery
Opening tonight, 6—8 PM. More info here.

Since there are no images available from Concordia, Concordia here are a couple from the Hirschhorn exhibit Too Too – Much Much at the Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens – Deurle – in December 2010. (Images from the Artprospect blog.)


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