The Dirt Palace Facade Project in partnership with Rhode Island Citizens for the Arts and Olneyville Housing Corporation has been nominated by the InnOVATION Program (A collaboration of the OVATION television network and Americans for the arts) to win the $15,000 the Viewer’s Choice Award! There are 64 nominations from all over the country, and the one with the most votes will win.

The Dirt Palace Facade Project is a public art piece conceived by local artist and Dirt Palace co-founder Pippi Zornoza. This expansive 14 ft by 40 ft. stone pebble and glass tile mosaic is to be installed in the Olneyville neighborhood in Providence RI in 2013.

VOTE HERE!!! to support the Dirt Palace Facade Project.

To get to the voting you must first “like” Ovation at this link through Facebook. There are 64 finalists, so scroll through until you see THE DIRT PALACE FACADE and click on the vote tab underneath. You can vote as many times as you like as long as you refresh your browser. I’ve found that people have problems with the link on their mobile device. Another way to vote would be to go on and once there click on InnOVATION Grant. You first have to “like” Ovation TV.

If you’re interested in learning more about the project visit the artist Pippi Zornoza‘s website HERE.

Pippi Zornoza has been featured on Cheap & Plastique a few times. See here (a performance with Wold) and here (a studio visit I did with her at the Dirt Palace a couple of years ago). Pippi is an incredibly talented artist and deserves some support to make this project a reality! Help to beautify Providence, RI. Vote!


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