I have not watched any films at home for some time as I have had too much freelance work to do. But tonight I decided to treat myself & revisit my Netflix cue for a double dose of slightly depressing, poignant film, one from Russia (How I Ended This Summer) and one from Norway (Oslo, August 31st). I think I preferred the Russian film as the subject matter is less common—being stranded in a desolate landscape and slowly losing one’s mind. Oslo, August 31st deals with the fight against drug addiction and one finding meaning in one’s life. I think Russia generally wins when it comes to telling a depressing tale well, through film, books, etc…

If you’d rather not waste your money on box office hits featuring gremlin or gnomes this month I would recommend either of these fantastic foreign flicks. Snuggle up with a warm blanket, sip some some tea, have a box of tissues handy, and get your deep thought on.
Now I cry myself to sleep!


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