Fact | Fission at Aicon Gallery, Exhibition runs through Jan. 19, 2013 (this Sat.)
Featuring: Eric Ayotte, Sarnath Banerjee, Ruby Chishti, Jace Clayton (aka DJ Rupture), James Cullinane, Gisela Insuaste, Mala Iqbal, John Jurayj, Abir Karmakar, Pooneh Maghazehe, Nitin Mukul, Seher Naveed, Yamini Nayar & Kanishka Raja

C & P picks::::

Yamini Nayar—See more of Yamini’s work here.

John Jurayj—See C & P‘s interview with John here.

Nitin Mukul—See more of Nitin’s work here.

Eric Ayotte—See more of Eric’s work here.

The show was just written up on the Al Jazeera site.

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