Excited for this Cyprien Gaillard show coming to PS1 this month! I think/hope this will make up for the mediocre/terrible exhibitions that PS1 have been putting on for the past 6 months (minus the Art Book Fair!)

Cyprien Gaillard at PS1
January 20 — March 18, 2013

Still from Cities of Gold and Mirrors

Stills from Desniansky Raion

Cairns (12 Riverford Road, Pollokshaws, Glasgow, 1967-2008)

Geographical Analogies

From PS1’s site:
Cyprien Gaillard’s (b. 1980, Paris) work navigates geographical sites and psychological states, addressing the relationship between architecture and nature, and evolution and erosion. Using a variety of artistic mediums ranging from painting and sculpture to photography, film, and video, Gaillard juxtaposes pictorial beauty and the atmospherically lush with elements of sudden violence, destruction, and idiosyncrasy culled from popular culture, pointing to the precarious nature of public space, social ritual, and the very viability of the notion of civilization.

Combining minimal composition, a romantic visual sensibility, and a youthful, anarchic spirit, Gaillard’s work displays a personal vision or reading of landscapes and cities, whether he trains his gaze upon land art sites, crumbling 1960s urban high-rises, culturally entrenched logos, explosive building demolition procedures, or public monuments. He invests these sites with new traits through his interventions, resulting in architectural travelogues dense with layers of suggestive symbols, as well as an incisive examination of the foundations and inventions of civilizations, both ancient and modern, revealing their simultaneously seductive and alienating features.

The artist’s first solo exhibition in New York is comprised of over 80 works, including five major cinematic works and two site-specific works made in New York on the occasion of his MoMA PS1 presentation. In Cities of Gold and Mirrors (2009), shot in Cancun, Mexico, images of Mayan ruins are interspersed with the golf courses, mega-resorts, and tourists that now saturate the area, as incensed adolescents guzzle tequila with the same elated fervor that characterizes a ritualistic dance performed by a gangster on the ruins of El Ray.

Cyprien Gaillard presents Egyptian Lover and Salem DJ set
This Sunday at Winter Open House, PS1, 4 PM in the VW Dome

On the occasion of the opening of his first New York solo show, Cyprien Gaillard invites West Coast rap pioneer Egyptian Lover and special guests to bridge the distance between Los Angeles’ Watts Towers and the Temples of Abu Simbel, all under the roof of MoMA PS1’s geodesic dome, in a celebration of both artists’ mutual fascination with anachronism. In his work, Gaillard combines elements of the found, the photographic, the cinematic, the architectural, and the social to provoke visual or associative connections between ancient ruins and neglected contemporary spaces.


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