More out of town exhibitions!

Joël Tettamanti, Compass Points
February 15 – August 31, 2013, MIT Museum, Cambridge, MA
More information on the show here. See Joël’s website here. And read Cheap & Plastique‘s interview from issue 8 with Joël here. Review of the show on The Boston Globe here.

From the series COLS ALPINS / SWITZERLAND, 2001 – 2012

From the series WHERE IS MY GIANT? / ICELAND, 2008 – 2012

From MIT’s website:
Joël Tettamanti’s photographs are a vast archive of the structures, villages and cities that people create and inhabit, and the landforms and climates that shape their culture. Although his photographs are often unpeopled, the focus of his work is the human presence in the landscape and the people who are uplifted and sometimes defeated by the land they inhabit. This contradiction of human frailty and resilience, and the continuities people form with the land, are embedded in Tettamanti’s photographic vision.


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