Many years ago I came across a lamp that screamed my name at a local Williamsburg thrift store, it was a LIP LAMP!!! For one who has been wearing too many layers of lipstick for years (and years and years!) this lamp seemed like a MUST HAVE. The shop was closing when I spotted the object of my desire and when I inquired abut it the worker said there was no price tag on the lamp and he would have to ask his boss for a sale price, he thought it would be no more than $75 bucks or so. I was told to come back the next day and he would have a price. So I did. At which time I learned that the owner of the shop decided NOT to sell it… I was heartbroken!!! I thought about the lip lamp often (I really did… I was in Love, L-U-V!) This was probably about 4 or 5 years ago… by 2013 dreams of owning the lovely lip lamp had almost completely faded from my memory.

However, this past Sunday, my desire to possess le lip lamp sprung to life again… thanks to the Frieze Art Fair. At the fair I came across a newer, shinier, mo’ red LIP LAMP! These light up lips were installed in a gallery booth, surrounded by very expensive contemporary art.
I couldn’t believe my eyes. Upon reading the label I realized the lip lamp was an editioned piece, first made in an edition of 25 in 1969 and now available again from a 2000 edition of 25. The lamp was created by an artist called Nicola L., from France. I inquired with the gallerist about the price of the lip lamp, and I was quite shocked to hear him utter the price tag, $16,000 dollars, cold hard cash. The luscious lip lamp WOULD NOT BE MINE once again.

I need to go back to my local thrift store to see if the slightly beat up 1969 edition is still kicking around somewhere in the back. I am not sure how much the older version would be worth but I imagine more than $75 buckeroos. Maybe once I explain to the shop owner
how it is fate that the Lip Lamp and I be united, at last, she will cut me a deal.

Oh, how I long for the glorious, plastique LIP LAMP again!

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