The young and the aged converge on Randall’s Island for Frieze Art Fair mania.

Ivan Seal, Carl Freedman Gallery (above 2 images)
These little paintings are my favorite for the second year in a row.

Unknown (above 2 images)

Unknown (above 2 images)

Raffi Kalenderian, Galeri Peter Kilchmann (above 2 images)

Borden Capalino, Ramiken Crucible Gallery (above 3 images)

Jonathan Meese

David Shrigley

Gardar Eide Einarsson

Graham Little, Alison Jacques Gallery (above 2 images)

Jim Lambie, “Metal Box,” 2013, Sadie Coles

Vic Muniz

Otto Muehl

Ricarda Roggan, Galerie Eigen + Art

Neo Rauch, Galerie Eigen + Art

C. Nicolai, Galerie Eigen + Art


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