Photo by Martin Fishman, copyright © Phillip Ward

QUENTIN CRISP at the Museum of Art & Design

Program Details
This Thursday, August 15, 2013, 7 PM, The Theater at MAD
An Evening with Penny Arcade and Quentin Crisp

Fridays, August 16, 2013 & September 6, 2013, 6 PM, The Theater at MAD
A program of audio recordings featuring Mister Crisp

Program Description
In addition to his written works, Quentin Crisp appeared in numerous interviews, performances, television programs, and films throughout his life. Through this mosaic of cinematic records, a cohesive portrait of the man, his philosophies, and the art form of being emerge. Teaming with the Estate of Quentin Crisp, MAD is proud to present three months of free Friday night screenings that present rare audiovisual documents from the estate’s archive. Including audio recordings, live tapings of Crisp’s one-man shows, interviews, television appearances, and more, From the Estate of Quentin Crisp opens up this treasure trove of material to the public for the first time.

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