SZE TSUNG LEONG Horizons at Yossi Milo Gallery
MAY 15–JULY 11, 2014
More info here.
All of the photographs in this show were beautiful. There were 2 or 3 photos from Iceland in the exhibition which made my desire to go back to Iceland even greater (still having Iceland withdrawal after only being back in the US for less than 2 weeks!)

From Pre-History to Post-Everything at Sean Kelly Gallery
June 27 through August 1, 2014
More info here.

Hugo McCloud paintings.

Luca Dellaverson’s mirrored glass/resin works.

Florian Maier-Aichen at 303 Gallery
JUNE 5 – JULY 25 2014
More info here.

Unrealism Part 1 at Fredericks Freiser Gallery.
JUNE 26 – JULY 24 2014
More info here.

Audrey Flack, Marilyn Monroe, 1964

Jansson Stegner, UCLA, 2014

AKTIONSRAUM 1 at Susan Inglett Gallery
12 Jun – 25 Jul 2014
More info here.


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