Today my friend saw Jarvis Cocker sitting by himself at the Whole Foods on Houston eating some lunch. My friend snapped his picture, sent it to me, and noted in his message that Jarvis did not seem pleased about this paparazzi-esque photo moment.

While photo editing my own pics tonight Bar Italia came on my Itunes, this song really makes me feel things. Reminds me of my time in London, at the height of my Jarvis Cocker obsession in 1999/2000. And of my failures, my successes in life. Mostly my failures, but in a good, nostalgic for failure type way.

This video (below) reminds me of going to see Pulp at their first reunion concert in London in 2011. Things were relatively good for me at this point in my life. Things were working out. No troubles. And seeing Common People live, whilst squished in tight with a bunch of very excitable British people, who were singing along to every word, was an experience I will never forget.

Ahhhhhh, Jarvis, you are good.


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