Other Chelsea October highlights:

Roxy Paine Denuded Lens at Marianne Boesky Gallery. Exhibition up through October 18, 2014. More information here. Photos courtesy Marianne Boesky Gallery. This installation is AMAZING. YOU should really see it before it comes down this coming weekend.

From the press release: “At the center of this exhibition is Checkpoint, the most recent iteration of his latest series, the large-scale Dioramas. A room-sized vision of a generic airport security stop, Checkpoint presents a locale whose practical banality rests uneasily alongside the looming suggestion of larger social anxieties. At once familiar and foreign, Checkpoint offers the opportunity to visually and cerebrally examine a liminal place that is usually only experienced through a rushed physical encounter. Rendered via various processes – from computer modeling to meticulous hand carving – the work is not a replica. Rather, Checkpoint alchemically translates a quotidian space into an uncanny one. Metal and rubber are transformed into soft-hued maple wood, a depth of eighty feet is perspectivally forced into eighteen, and the moving, living moment of human experience becomes architecturally frozen in time.”

Checkpoint, 2014, Maple, aluminum, fluorescent light bulbs, and acrylic prismatic light diffusers, 14 ‘ h x 26′ – 11″ w x 18’ – 7 1/2″ d

Checkpoint, 2014

Checkpoint (detail), 2014

Checkpoint (detail), 2014

Scrutiny, 2014, Maple, Approx. 70 x 130 inches

Scrutiny (detail), 2014, Maple

Marcel Dzama at David Zwirner Gallery, through Oct. 25. More info here. Photos courtesy David Zwirner Gallery. The exhibition features 2 versions of the film Une danse des bouffons accompanied with two- and three-dimensional artworks.

Installation view.

Installation view.

Installation view.

Installation view.

Une danse des bouffons (or A jester’s dance) video trailer.

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