I really love this Forgotten Iowa photography project by photographer Cody Weber.
First of all half of my family live in Iowa, many whom I have never met. I am interested in seeing this place that continues to be a mystery to me. I have also documented many of the small towns of my home state, Massachusetts, as well as those in New York, over the past 20 years.
The scenes look similar in NY state, Massachusetts, and Iowa; crumbling structures, abandoned properties, blue skies, empty streets, bored kids. A real feeling of loneliness exists in these places.
People have gone. The younger generations continue to leave these small towns for the city to make a more exciting and prosperous (?) life for themselves.
Having lived in New York City for over ten years now the feeling that maybe it is time to go back to a smaller town has been popping up in my mind much more frequently lately.
The cities have become too expensive for us to live in, why not take over one of these abandoned spaces and start anew?

See more of the photos here.
And an interview with the photographer here.

All images © Cody Weber.

I like these kids!


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