I was lucky enough to get to see a Futuro House the last time I went to Los Angeles. This beauty is located in the Hollywood Hills and is one of approximately 60 (of the original 100 constructed) Futuro homes still around today. Futuro homes were originally built in Finland in the late 60s / early 70s by  Finnish architect Matti Suuronen for use as prefab ski cabins.

This particular Futuro was in the midst of a renovation during my visit. The owner purchased the Futuro from an auction in Bailey, CO, had it transported to LA via truck, and then had a team of helpers carry it piece by piece (a task which seemed to me on par with Klaus Kinski’s dragging of the ship over the mountain in Fitzcarraldo) up a very steep driveway to its present resting place. The Futuro is perched on a steep hill overlooking the main property. There are amazing views of Los Angeles from the Futuro windows and it looks as if the structure might just “take off” over the hill at any moment.

When my friend and I were leaving the location we realized that John Lautner’s famous Chemosphere house was just down the road. So much Space Age architectural dreaminess! More info can be found on the Futuro house here and here.

Futuro house



Inside the Futuro house
Views from the Futuro house
View of the main house from the Futuro

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