Really into this new show on HBO called The Deuce.
Saw them filming the above scene about a year ago in Greenpoint and was freaking out because there were beautiful vintage cars lining Franklin St., Greenpoint Ave., and a couple of the side streets nearby. I asked someone on set what show they were filming, then kind of forgot about it… but realized it was the same show after seeing the first couple of episodes (with other Greenpoint locations featured).
If you are a fan of sleazy 70s era NYC or the idea of sleazy 70s era NYC, this is the show for you! The acting is great! The outfits are great! The sets are great! The cars are great! The hair is great! The title sequence is great! James Franco is a hottie! And Maggie G. is amazing! You really can’t go wrong with this one. On hbogo here.

All images from The Deuce.



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