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I stopped by the world famous SERIPOP HQ, located in a nondescript building in Montreal’s Mile End district, last month and chatted with Yannick Desranleau and
Chloe Lum about life in Montreal, the art and music they create together (as Seripop
and Aids Wolf), and their desire to create more installation based work* in the future, whilst photographing them and their lovely work. They had just returned from a 6 week tour with Aids Wolf less than 48 hours before I arrived at their space so did not have any new projects in the works but I peeked in their flat files and flipped through their portfolio books, ogling their beautiful, brightly colored screenprints.

Silkscreened Art Prints:::



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we drove down many Long Vermont Roads to Quebec, Canada, encountering some seriously thick fog. at times it was slightly scary with all the crazy windy roads and mountainousness so i could not nap like i had planned (mother dragged me out of bed at 6 AM and i am so NOT a morning person)—didn’t want mom to drive le automobile off the road. i attempted to make semi-coherent, yet extremely sleepy, conversation and snap some photographs for a few hours to entertain myself and keep her alert.

we made it across the border and almost instantly it became less foggy and way flatter, things started to look a bit different… foreign. i am totally into the street lights and power lines of other countries, fascinating stuff, really! Ooh La La! CANADIA!

arrived in montreal with no problems (we did not get lost once which was AWESOME) & within about 3 seconds of leaving our hotel i found some architecture to get excited about, place des arts!

the first 2 days we were there did end up being incredibly foggy, i loved it, mom was not such a big fan:::

we ventured to Rue Amherst, this street is filled with the most amazing vintage furniture shops! oh god, i could have spent my entire vacation on this street! all my favorite thingz:::
dilapidated buildings!

arty automobiles (this van belongs to these peeps.)

a cute bike shop:::

& furniture stores galore!!!!!!

OH MY! J’aime Montreal!
I wanna go back, with a uhaul!

montreal art

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within about 5 minutes of leaving the hotel on my first afternoon in Montreal, wandering around near saint laurent/saint denis, i came across these really nice photographs on the street. i am pretty sure i have snooped around on the below 2 artists websites in the past, admiring their work.

joshua lutz

vincent fournier

the public art project is sponsored by MAP, whose website gives a pretty concise explanation of what they do: MAP applies a strategy that recuperates unsold advertising space in order to provide creative people from a variety of artistic fields with a distribution network in direct view of the mainstream public.

MAP seems somewhat similar in their mission to Creative Time here in nyc.

next up on my Montreal art tour was the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art, which was showing work from the 5 finalists (as well as the 4 other nominees) for the Sobey Art Award.

pascal grandmaison, light my fiction, 2010. (i actually got in trouble for taking pictures n the gallery so i was totally sneaking the above shots, hence the CRAP quality, way better stills here.)
mister grandmaison was one of the nominees for the Sobey Art Award, his work was my favorite out of the 9 competing for the prize. the projections pictured above remind me a bit of some of my still photographs (so of course i liked them!) i sat in the video room watching light my fiction for a long time, my mother seemed confused as to why i was transfixed by the imagery (my mom is not a huge fan of art but was being a good sport as i dragged her around in the rain to see as much art as i could) but i really liked the slow panning over the details of walls, fences, and other surfaces that most people probably do not pay one bit of attention to in their daily lives, the details i go searching for when i go out shooting. some of the images were super saturated with color, others monochromatic, all lit beautifully. very glad to have discovered this work, need to scour pascal’s website to see what else he has been up to…

Jon Pylypchuk, the war, more images here.
the museum was also showing Jon Pylypchuk, who i was not familiar with before wandering into the gallery, even though he shows at the Friedrich Petzel Gallery here in nyc.
i also could not take pictures in this gallery, hence no documentation of press a weight through life and I will watch this crush you, which i really liked. the piece made me feel a bit of the ole melancholia after viewing, which to me means that it was a good and effective work of art. the installation was basically a shantytown made out of disused lumber and scraps populated by somber, little misshapen stuffed animal-like creatures, who seemed to be struggling to stay alive in their depressing environs. life can be pretty damn hard and sad sometimes and i think Pylypchuk’s work, this piece in particular, succeeds in showing the reality of this fact and will make people (maybe even oblivious ones) think about the struggles of others less fortunate than themselves.

the last gallery i was able to go to was DHC Art who were showing Jenny Holzer. the galleries (there were actually 2 of them, on the same block) were beautiful and FREE- yay!

i have always loved Holzer’s truisms but i don’t have much to say about this particular exhibit. i am not a huge fan of the fast-moving LED lights, they make me dizzy and they are generally hard to read… i guess i am old fashioned and like her work better when it is still, so i can read properly, then think about and digest at my own pace.

i really wanted to check out the Parisian Laundry gallery but it happened to be closed on the 3 days that i had put aside for art viewing… hopefully next time i am in town it will be open!

all in all, i wish i had found more spaces but what i did see pleased me quite a bit!

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