Heavy movie night

Posted in film by cheapandplastique on January 9, 2013

I have not watched any films at home for some time as I have had too much freelance work to do. But tonight I decided to treat myself & revisit my Netflix cue for a double dose of slightly depressing, poignant film, one from Russia (How I Ended This Summer) and one from Norway (Oslo, August 31st). I think I preferred the Russian film as the subject matter is less common—being stranded in a desolate landscape and slowly losing one’s mind. Oslo, August 31st deals with the fight against drug addiction and one finding meaning in one’s life. I think Russia generally wins when it comes to telling a depressing tale well, through film, books, etc…

If you’d rather not waste your money on box office hits featuring gremlin or gnomes this month I would recommend either of these fantastic foreign flicks. Snuggle up with a warm blanket, sip some some tea, have a box of tissues handy, and get your deep thought on.
Now I cry myself to sleep!

Eve Sussman and Rufus Corporation

Posted in chelsea, communism, fiction, film by cheapandplastique on October 17, 2011

Photo © Monia Lippi

Photo © Monia Lippi

Went to Chelsea on Saturday for my first Fall art viewing adventure of 2011. Ended up spending an hour or so at the Cristin Tierney Gallery watching White on White: Algorithmic Noir, a video piece by Eve Sussman and Rufus Corporation.

You should go check out the film on the big screen before October 22nd. (But if you cannot make it to Chelsea you can also view the video on the triple canopy website here, scroll over to the right for the episodes.)

From the Winkleman Gallery website:
Founded on a premise of 60’s-era-evil-think-tank-meets-traveling circus, the group of collaborators known as Rufus Corporation have embarked on an expedition-cum-artwork that morphs into a cinema verité thriller as it moves from Moscow to the Caspian. They encounter time capsules and testaments to both past and present failed utopias. Their search, as they log the banalities of daily life, is for places, devices and people that are prescient as premonitions for the future.

Artforum write up here.

New York Times review here.

things to look forward to

Posted in communism, documentary, film, painting, photography by cheapandplastique on March 30, 2011

I really do love documentaries and there are quite a few good ones in theaters at the moment. Very exciting indeed!

Bill Cunningham New York

Now playing, schedule here.
Review here.

My Perestroika

Film website here.
Now playing, film schedule here.

Blank City

Film Website here.
Opens Wednesday, April 6, film schedule here.

Marc Séguin documentary

Bull’s Eye: A Painter on the Watch will be presented by Mike Weiss Gallery and the Québec Government Office in New York at Anthology Film Archives on April 20 at 7 pm.

More information on the artist here.

Film website here.

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