Cheap & Plastique Magazine is an arts publication featuring in-depth interviews and studio visits with artists, photographers, and designers from around the world, as well as art exhibition, film, & music reviews and recommendations, with some randomness thrown in from time to time. The magazine was established in 2000 and is currently based in Brooklyn, NYC. To see past issues of C & P, in it’s entirety, please visit Issuu here. For C & P’s art exhibit picks check out our Instagram page.

Cheap & Plastique is curated, designed, & published by Violet Shuraka. Violet is a fan of humorous writing, sad music, London, Iceland, (and traveling/adventuring in general), contemporary photography, painting, and design, vintage clothing, riding her 70s bicycle, foggy landscapes, desolate beaches, Futuro houses, sailors, and mimes.

Email Violet ( to have a friendly chat or to share any art-related news.

Heather Morgan, painter extraordinaire, is also a frequent contributor to the magazine. Heather is a fan of decadent women, Nick Cave, sailors, and many other things. See her most fabulous painting work here.

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