Happy Friday peoples!
Here is some music to drive your brain crazy, provided by Mister Andy Shea.

I like these mens.
From their website:
“Well we didn’t set out to be anonymous at all. Unlike the Residents, our real names have always been known, but I guess the personas we associated with our music were our alter-egos. However, the idea of us having alter-egos started before RatL was born….a story.

Back in 1977, we used to go out to the pub with a bunch of friends who were, like us, into The Diceman by Luke Rheinhardt…we used to decide on our actions and do odd, but harmless, things by throwing a dice…like how we’d dress, where we’d go, what we’d do, etc. There were usually about ten of us and, depending how the dice fell, we could all enter a pub in a line walking backwards waving to everybody, sit with our left ears against the wall saying, ‘there are sheep on the moors said Lambert’ (Ivor Cutler was our hero), randomly stop still and pose like a male fashion model or have a heated and lengthy argument about a ficticious scientific concept called Wipperwill’s Principle…it was even funnier if we managed to involve a member of the public in this. These are just a couple of examples – new ideas and lists were drawn up each week to try out.

Anyway, each person in the group who did this had what we called a ‘dice name’ and they would always be called that. Usually you were given your name by another member of the group and Dave was called Ted (the Loaf) and I was called Renaldo Malpractice…..later we devised our own extra names Josef Sneff (Dave) and Hooper Struve (me) who became our alter-alter-egos for our first cassette album.”

More info on Renaldo and the Loaf here & here.

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