Fushimi: A Cheap & Plastique wet dream

I have walked by the spot where Fushimi is now open for business many times over the past few months (and hundreds of times over the past 7+ years; pre-Fushimi, pre-condo, when Driggs was desolate and one of the grittier streets of the hood) as the restaurant was being built. I was slightly wary of the what was going on behind the fishy logo emblazoned double doors, of course, as we tend to be of new & shiny things popping up in OUR neighborhood (especially when they are attached to new & shiny expensive condominiums, which have taken the place of our art galleries and thrift stores).

The first time I noticed a (NEON!!!) light on in the window, when walking home from the train a couple of weeks ago, I peered in through the decorative window treatments and was absolutely shocked and surprised at the fantastiqueness I saw within. This place was special! I knew people were going to hate on it but not me, this was seriously a Cheap & Plastique wet dream!

On Saturday afternoon, after trudging through the snow and cold, looking for a beat up stool for an art installation for a friend, I noticed that Fushimi was actually open for business. I wandered in, looked around and grabbed a take out menu. I was completely blown away. The interior was decadent and grandiose, space age, mod, absolutely fabulous; it was the sort of place I daydreamed of hanging out in when I was a young lass in the sticks, pining for a more glamorous life in the city.

I begged my boyfriend to go to Fushimi later in the evening for dinner and he obliged. Even he, who tends to be a harsh critic of most things, was amazed at the gaudy beauty and psychedelic insanity of the interior, it’s hedonistic charm warmed the cockles of his cold black heart.

The service was excellent, there was no snobbery or attitude, and the food and drink (mmmmm, Mango Sangria!) were delicious! But for me the interior was the most special part of the experience, it was beyond amazing, really! Cross the the most over the top 60’s, sci-fi movie you can think of with what you imagine Peter Saville’s home to look like and that is Fushimi.

I want photo shoots, I want fabulous parties! I want this place all to myself to sip Mango Sangria whilst staring into the neon reflections in the mirror-ball ceiling, contemplating life, or nothing at all. I want to go back right now!
Stay away haters of fun!

Better pictures at Gothamist.

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